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My Development Environment

I use a Macintosh OS X system for most of my development. However, Xilinx WEB Pack is only available for Windows. On the Windows machine I export my development folder (C:\fpga) and then I import that on my Macintosh. Then, I can edit using my Macintosh tools and I simply click build on the Xilinx toolset and the software I edited on the Macintosh builds. But there's more. I use a rather large display attached to my Macintosh. And, I don't really care to have a display attached to my Windows machine at all (so there). Therefore, I use Microsoft's Remote Desktop Control software to control my Windows machine from my Macintosh. Because the Xilinx synthesis process is incredibly CPU intensive (and not very video intensive), using remote control software has little to no impact on the performance of the build process.