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Some of the fun things to do with a small micro like Mippy are well documented at 6502.org. Bill Buzzbee has done a fabulous job of documenting his design of a homebrew CPU at HomebrewCPU.org. His processor is also a microcode design but is register based and 8 bits wide. A Vintage Computer Fair attendee pointed out Bill's work to me and I admire it quite a bit. Good luck, Bill! Building a homebrew CPU is the most fun I've ever had! I found the coolest homebrew CPU at Mark's TTL page. You may think it's simple, but I think it's brilliant! Dennis Kuschel built MyCPU from 7400 series TTL logic. His site is in German, here is an English translation from Google. Vince Briel has constructed a replica of the Apple I; it looks very cool! Here's a Circuit Cellar a three part article which talks about building a processor and designing an instruction set architecture: Part I, Part II, and Part III. Here's a series of web pages describing a bunch of electronics things. Tomi Engdahl wrote some great notes on building electric circuits.